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Case Study – Google Adwords improvements – Maytech

Case Study

Google Adwords improvements

 stiahnuť is the leading provider of FTP Hosting and secure large file transfer services. Businesses worldwide rely on FTP Hosting services for mission critical file sharing, digital workflows and distributed content. The core service FTP-Stream enables to securely transfer large files and share confidential data with customers and partners using FTP, SFTP or web browser.



  • increase number of leads through website
  • under performing self-managed campaign
  • reach profitable cost conversion


  • audit and complete re-design of campaign
  • google adwords advanced features implemented
  • focus on highly relevant product related keywords

Results over 6 months:

  • Average position had improved from 4,9 to 1,4 at the same cost per click
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 63,8%

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